Let your guests experience Colorado's most elite Photo Booth!
  Weddings ​ $600
*4 Hours of photo booth time
​*1 hour of idle time
​*Prime XL or LED booth
​*Traditional or Open air booth
​*Unlimited 2X6 Photo Strips
*B/W or color prints
*Large selection of high quality props
*Petal or sequin backdrop
*​Professional Attendant
*Customized Photo Strip
​​​*Flash drive w/photos copyright free
(available 7-10 days after event)​
*Setup and tear down
*Online gallery access to photos
*Delivery within 50 miles of 80526
​*Scrap Book with photos 
(available at the end of your event)
*Slideshow of event images to music
(available 7-10 days after your event)​

$85 each additional hr of booth time
​All sales tax included!
Corp. Events $450
*3 Hours of photo booth time
*Prime XL or LED booth
​*Traditional or Open air booth
​*Unlimited 2X6 Photo Strips
​*B/W or color prints
*Large selection of high quality props
*Petal or sequin backdrop
​*Professional Attendant
​*Customized Photo Strip
​​*Flash drive w/photos copyright free
(available 7-10 days after event)
*Setup and tear down
*Online gallery access to photos
*Delivery within 50 miles of 80526

​$85.00 each additional hr of booth time
​​​​ ​All sales tax included!
Party Package $450
*3 Hours of photo booth time
*Prime XL or LED booth
​*Traditional or Open air booth
​*Unlimited 2X6 Photo Strips
​*B/W or color prints
*Large selection of high quality props
*Petal or sequin backdrop
​*Professional Attendant
​*Customized Photo Strip
​​*Flash drive w/photos copyright free
(available 7-10 days after event)
*Setup and tear down
*Online gallery access to photos
*Delivery within 50 miles of 80526
​$85.00 each additional hr of booth time

​​ ​All sales tax included!

Book by 10/31/18 and choose 1 of the following items FREE!
​​Upgraded Scrapbook pages
Red Carpet & Stanchions
Photo Strip Folders 
(excludeds Corp. & Nonprofit bookings.  One discount per reservation)


​​Hourly Rentals​​

$400 2 Hours booth time 
​$450 3 Hours booth time 
$600 4 Hours booth time 
​$700 5 Hours booth time 
$800 6 Hours booth time ​
$900 7 Hours booth time 
$1000 8 Hours booth time
 All sales tax included! 

$49 Idle time 1 hour
$60 4 Tier Cupcake Stand
$99 Green screen Backdrop
$75 Travel fee over 50 miles from 80526
$59 Scrap Book with photos of your event
$39 Upgraded scrap book pages
$29 additional flash drive
$29 Slideshow of event images to music
$99 Text/Social media capability 
$60 4X6 Prints Unlimited
$50/50ct. & $100/100ct. Photo Folders 
$$ Custom Photo Folders for photo strips 
*please call for pricing
$2 Each - 132" Round Lavender Tablecloths
$49 Red Carpet & Stanchions

Please call for custom pricing/packages.. discounts for multiple booth set ups.
All sales tax included! (NO hidden fees)
We accept cash, checks,  and​​​​ credit cards
American Express
Easy online booking! 
Know what you want? 
*Click Book Now
*Select your package and your done

$100 Deposit and rental agreement is all thats needed to reserve your photo booth for your event.

Need more time to pay?  We offer..
1.  Pay in full
2.  $100 deposit with remaining balance due 21 days before your event.
3. $100 deposit with monthly payments and remaining balance due 21 days before your event.
Intorducing our NEW
Fully customizable
Just provide the tags & decorations & we do the rest
Choose filled or unfilled
6 Jars filled $125 / unfilled $45
8 Jars filled $145 / unfilled $55
10 Jars filled $165 / unfilled $65
12 Jars filled $185 / unfilled $75

 Skittles, M&M's (peanut & plain), Gummy Bears, HotTomales, Mike & Ikes, Recess Pieces, Jelly Beans, Chocolate covered raisins, Laffy Taffy, Hershey Kisses, Red Vines and much more.

​​​All sales tax included! (NO hidden fees)​​​

4 Tier Cupcake Stand​​
Holds about 200-250 mini Cupcakes or
200 regular Cupcakes
​$60 rental

 Lavendar Polyester Tablecloths
132" rounds
Fits 72" tables with 10 chairs
$2.00 rental per tablecloth

Photo Booths

Prime XL Booth
The Prime XL Photo Booth is an amazing compact booth. Equipped with the latest technology  and is sure to wow guests at any event.  The Prime XL features a 19-Inch touch Screen with attractive LED lights.  This booth works in the enclosed canopy or as an open air booth.  Prime XL allows guest to share their photos via a wide variety of social media options like  Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS & Pinterest.​​


 LED Booth​​
Introducing the LED Photo Booth featuring a 22-Inch Touch Screen  and attractive LED Lights.​​​​

The LED Booth compliments any indoor or outdoor event with elegant LED lighting.  The LED booth has Social Media capabilities letting you share via email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Pinterest, Smugmug.

Our LED booth takes Photos, Video & now Slow Motion Video!
The LED booth has many filters – Color, B&W, Sepia & Vintage & more.

Additional features like animated GIFs, Boomerangs, Animated Overlays & Backgrounds. 
Looking to one up your guests?  Our LED booth is capable of running contest & coupon modes for raffles and giveaways.

Red Carpet & 


Open Air se​tup


CAPTURED Memories... When FUN and CRAZY collide!

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Sequin backdrops




Rose Gold




Navy Blue

Polyester backdrops






Petal backdrops






Scrapbook pages

Burlap & Lace


Silver Bubbles


Pink & Gold

Rustic Roses

Black Lights



Red & Gold

Blue Lights


Photo Folders

Why choose CaptureME Photo Booth LLC for your event?  Our promise to you!
Photo booth hire is becoming a must have at any event.  No event is too big or too small for our photo booth.  We cater to a wide range of occasions such as wedding receptions, corporate functions, family reunions, prom, birthday parties, charity events and everything in between!

Our booths are filled with the latest technology, they are sleek beautiful and not the bulky old traditional style booths that are currently out there.  We have the most eligant set up you will find in todays market.   Our packages include everything you need to make your event amazing.  We don't nickle and dime our customers with  ad ons... our packages come with everything you need.  Most vendors charge extra for items like scrapbooks & flash drives but we don't!  These are included in all wedding packages.  

We bring the booth and you take home the memories!  We deliver, set up, take down and be there throughout the event to keep props in order, make sure the booth is behaving and ensure that all your guests are happy and having a great time!

Any part of the package can be personalized to suit your needs and budget, so please let us know if there's anything you would like to add, change or remove.  

​No body is going to work as hard as I am to make sure you and your guests have an amazing experience.  We  come prepared!  We do all the work!  We set up and take down and always clean up.  We dress for the day and will always provide professional representation.





Yes, most vendors require proof of insurance.  We will fax the insurance to your vendor.​​
We have 10X10 canopys to help protect from Colorado weather.  We need a flat surface with access to an electrical outlet.  Subject to weather conditions and elctrical output.
We are located in Fort Collins.  We service all of Northern Colorado with in 50 miles.  We would be happy to venture your way for a small $75 fee.




Our Traditional and open air set up is 10 X 10 X 9.  We have (2) 6ft tables used for props and scrapbooks.  The minimum space required for indoor setups is
10 X 10 X 8 and outdoor events will need at least 10ft X 10ft.
Photo booth hire is becoming a must have at any event .  Photo booths are great for enternaining guests and act as a party favor in one.  We bring the booth, you take home the memories!   Our booths are eligant, easy to use and fit up to 10 adults.  No matter what the  occasion, your event will be a hit.  Our Photo Booths are affordable, photos print instantly, prints are unlimited and all guests receive a photo for each photo session they are in.  ​​
All our packages include sales tax, no hidden fees! and our low deposit makes reserving our photo booth super easy.  If your not seeing what fits your budget, just ask.  We're here to help make your day AMAZING.

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